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Drawing animal cartoons can be exciting and challenging. The main problem in making images of live animals is getting them to hold still to pose. Therefore, to ensure a successful drawing, simply do the work from a photograph or image.
Put the photograph of the animal in front of you or a nearby wall where you can see it while drawing. Photographs or models of animals will create a more realistic image, while working from paintings or other artists' tools will be more interpretive.
First of all, you need to take a fine-point black marker and cover the entire page with a gesture sketch of the animal in the image. Look closely at your reference photo or illustration and analyze the shapes that comprise the shape your animal.
You should feel free while blocking in the large masses and forms. For example, a running cheetah looks like an arched hot dog with an oval head, a snout need a smaller oval, triangles for ears and lengthy ovals or rounded rectangles for legs.
You need to improve your practice sketching to these basic shapes. Make difference forms by making some shapes smaller or larger than they appear in the photograph.
By doing this, you are already emphasized the animal's characteristics, increasing the believability of the animal and adding a personality. Be particularly aware when make paws and feet of the animal to make sure that they look real.

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